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Recipe of the month

Grilled Brats on Pretzel Buns

What is better than a pretzel? A brat on a pretzel! A flavorful grilled brat on a bed of wilted slaw between a tasty pretzel bun topped with a hot & spicy Sriracha-Mustard mix. Fire up your tastebuds!

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Ingmo Feldman

I would buy a cooler-full of this sausage to take back home with us whenever we visited the smoky mountain. So glad we can get it in Louisiana now. The only sausage I will use in my sacred biscuits and gravy. ;-)
December 4, 2015

Ysh Kellz

Great taste best sausage meat out there my favorite i love making special sandwiches and biscuits with this meat soooo yummy!

May 19 @ 1:53pm