Breakfast In A Skillet
BREAKFAST IN A SKILLET Sausage & Sweet Potato Tortilla
Breakfast never tasted so sweet! A delicious combo of savory sausage, sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs and crispy peppers topped off with melted cheese in a flour tortilla served up in a skillet… sweet! You could eat this breakfast everyday!
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Lori Anthony

I bought some at Wal-Mart. Loved it!!!! Much better than Bob Evans and Jimmy Dean’s. Thankyou!
July 19 at 1:10pm

Joyce Dusing Heck

Don't shop Wal-Mart often but will look for this next time in store.
July 20 at 7:56am

Tracy Barnette

Best sausage! We buy 10lbs bulk every time.
July 19 at 10:42pm

Claishawn Brown

My favorite
July 19 at 10:42pm  

Michael Walther

I bought some of that at my wal mart last weekend and trust me their was no left over for our dog !
July 19 at 4:43pm  

Original Belizean

That's pork
July 18 at 3:44pm  
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