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Swaggerty's Farm Helps Customers Find Products

November, 2015 — It became much, much easier to find Swaggerty's Farm® products in local supermarkets, fresh markets, and meat markets around the U.S. 
Premium pork sausage is a "staple" protein and flavor-preference for many, many shoppers - all over the United States. Preferences vary for retail pork sausage products.
Patties, links, rolls, rope, or bulk are common forms in which pork sausage is sold. Beyond form preferences, consider the flavor preferences and package preferences from Florida to Oregon to Pennsylvania. Consumer access to premium maple, hot, or sage sausage is made easier in convenient and cost-effective packaging that protects the product from production to consumption. Fresh meat trays, value packs, and boxes make sausage convenient for sausage shoppers who seek raw, ready-to-cook sausage or perhaps a fully-cooked sausage product such as Sausage & Buttermillk Biscuits or Heat & Serve All Natural Sausage Links.
Sausage being a staple protein for so many consumers, often they need help finding Swaggerty's Farm products near home, work, friends, or family. 

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