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This delicious breakfast or brunch favorite has just the right combination of apples, maple syrup, browned sausage, and cream cheese spread over traditional French toast. You can have eggs, milk, sausage, and bread all in one bite! Appréciez votre petit déjeuner! (Enjoy your breakfast!)

French Toast Recipe - Swaggerty's Style


  1. Preheat oven to 350˚F degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil and set aside.
  2. Cut rounded ends off loaf of bread. Slice loaf into 8 thick slices. Cut each slice of bread ¾ of the way through to form a "pocket."
  3. In a mixing bowl, combine the cooked sausage, apple, and cream cheese until well blended and spread-able.
  4. Stuff an equal amount of the sausage mixture into the pocket of each bread slice. Press gently to close filling inside of bread.
  5. Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a mixing bowl.
  6. Heat a flat skillet or griddle over med-hi heat. Spray surface of skillet with vegetable spray.
  7. To cook French toast, dip each slice of stuffed bread in the egg-milk mixture allowing bread to soak up some of the liquid and then place dipped bread in the hot skillet. Repeat with all slices of bread. Cook until French toast slices are toasty brown and crispy on both sides. Place cooked bread slices flat on foil lined baking sheet to keep warm in oven until all French toast is cooked.


The apple in this recipe was honestly an afterthought, which was the "thing" that really made this stuffed French toast recipe go from "good" to "delicious".
Consider warming maple syrup before pouring over French toast, waffles, or pancakes. Warming it brings out the flavor and is much tastier than cold syrup.
This recipe is very tasty with warmed molasses as well.

To Serve

Serve "Sausage French Toast" with maple syrup or any of your favorite toppings.
15 min
prep time
12 - 15 min
cook time


½ lb cooked and finely crumbled Swaggerty's Farm sausage
One 1 lb loaf of Italian-type bread
1 cup peeled & diced apple
3 tbsp softened cream cheese
3 eggs
½ cup milk
Salt & pepper to taste
Vegetable spray for skillet/griddle
Maple syrup for serving 
Level of complexity:
Number of ingredients:
Pairs well with:
Maple syrup, molasses, powdered sugar, milk, coffee, side of fruit, scrambled eggs
Special Kitchen Tools: