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Breakfast Tacos Recipe by Swaggerty's Farm®

A delicious way to start the day! A warm, soft taco shell filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, jalapeños, and our flavorful sausage links topped with fresh tomatoes and a splash of lime… si, perfecto!

Breakfast Tacos


  1. After you brown the sausage, wipe out the skillet and place over hi heat. One by one brown the tortillas in the very hot skillet until you have brown spots all over each one. Remove and immediately fold each tortilla in half and cover with a kitchen towel to keep warm. Repeat with all tortillas.
  2. Whisk eggs together and melt butter in non-stick skillet. Soft scramble eggs, sprinkling shredded cheddar over eggs half way through cooking. Continue cooking until cheese is melted.Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle half the diced jalapeños over eggs and fold in.
  3. To build tacos - fill each warm tortilla with a generous portion of cheese eggs and add 2 browned sausage links.


For 8 just double the recipe using 8 tortillas, 16 sausage links and 8 eggs, etc.

These tacos are quick & easy and would be great for breakfast or brunch. You could set out all the finished ingredients and serve buffet style letting family or guests make their own tacos. 

Small flour tortillas would work as well for this recipe.

Cojita is found in most supermarkets and is a hard, crumbly cheese similar to feta which you can use as a substitute.

To Serve

Serve topped with diced tomatoes, additional jalapeños, crumbled cojita cheese, wedges of lime and cilantro. Serves 4 (can double for 8, etc.)
20 min
prep time
10 min
cook time


8 Swaggerty’s Farm Sausage Links browned and drained on paper towels

4 corn tortillas

1 Tablespoon butter or veg oil

4 large eggs

1 cup shredded medium or sharp cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

1-2 jalapeños diced

3 roma tomatoes diced

Cojita, or feta cheese, crumbled

Lime wedges and Fresh cilantro

Level of complexity:
Number of ingredients:
Pairs well with:
Seasonal fruit, greens, avocados, guacamole
Special Kitchen Tools:

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